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Where should grantees enter vanpool credit amounts in FTA’s EAMS (e.g. TEAM/TrAMS) to track the vanpool credit to be used as local match?

The vanpool policy states that vanpool credits should be treated in the same manner as TDC, therefore, grantees should use the TDC line in the EAMS to record the vanpool credits to be used as local match. Whenever a grantee proposes to use vanpool credits as local match, FTA regional staff should notify headquarters staff (TPM-30) by email, of the grantee’s name and project number. TPM-30 will retrieve documentation of the identified grantee from FTA’s EAMS, and maintain a spreadsheet for tracking the vanpool credit used as local match. This is an interim process until FTA creates a permanent reporting field for tracking vanpool credits during the next enhancement of TrAMS.

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