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Project Management Oversight (PMO)

FTA's Project Management Oversight (PMO) is a continuous review and evaluation of grantee and FTA processes to ensure compliance with statutory, administrative, and regulatory requirements. The Office of Engineering, through the Regional Offices, performs oversight of grantee project management that focuses on the management of major investments (Capital Investment Grants, rail modernization, etc.) in transit projects.

Oversight begins early in project implementation, usually at the time of preliminary engineering. PMO contractors, who monitor large caseloads, following guidelines established by FTA, supplement FTA technical staff to evaluate grantee project management and technical capacity and capability to successfully implement major transit projects. They also monitor projects to determine whether they are progressing on time, within budget, and in accord with approved grantee plans and specifications. Other activities are also involved, such as design reviews, change order reviews, and value engineering. 

What's New

Project Management Oversight (PMO) Reviews

FTA conducts PMO reviews for major capital projects to ensure that the project sponsors, or recipients, have all the processes and procedures in place to effectively manage and deliver the promised benefits of the project on time, within budget, and in compliance with all applicable federal requirements and the project management plan. FTA's Oversight Procedures (OPs) provide a consistent guidance for the PMO reviews, including the review process, deliverables and reporting requirements.

Lessons Learned Program 

FTA's Lessons Learned program, developed with the assistance of FTA Project Management Oversight Program contractors, transit agencies and FTA regional engineers, is intended to increase the effectiveness of transit capital expenditures through shared experience and lessons learned on major capital transit projects. Each lesson provides a detailed account of an agency's experience managing an aspect of a New Starts or Small Starts-funded transit program.

Updated: Wednesday, December 4, 2019
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