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Safety & Security Major-Only Time Series Data

Contains monthly-updated Safety and Security (S&S) information reported by urban Full Reporters for Major events only.

Please note that beginning in May 2016, the Safety and Security Time Series will classify data reported to NTD as follows:

The Time Series has always counted injuries and fatalities associated with Suicide events in the Suicide column. The file now presents injuries and fatalities associated with Attempted Suicide events in the same manner. NTD has also updated 2008 through 2016 to remove these Suicide and Attempted Suicide events from individual Person Type counts.  Please see the Person Type Notes tab for more information. Both of these classifications are made to retain consistent data definitions from year to year and there are no net changes in total number of events, injuries or fatalities as a result.  

The NTD categorizes collisions which do not involve transit vehicles as Not Otherwise Classified (NOC) event type, rather than Collision event type. The Collisions column in the 2008 through 2016 tabs now excludes collisions not involving a transit vehicle, moving these events to the respective NOC column. This results in a net decrease in collisions and an equal increase in NOC safety events. There are no net changes to the total number of events, injuries or fatalities as a result of this adjustment.

This file will be updated periodically by FTA to include data for subsequent months, and to incorporate revisions to prior months in the calendar year made by the transit properties. In some cases, this may include revisions to data from previous years.

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