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Monthly Module Adjusted Data Release

Contains monthly-updated service information reported by urban Full Reporters, released after adjustments.

This file will be updated periodically by FTA to include data for subsequent months, and to incorporate revisions to prior months in the calendar year made by the transit properties. In some cases, this may include revisions to data from previous years.

Any data value that appears in this file that does not appear in the Raw Database Time Series is based on a growth estimate developed by FTA. The strength of each estimate improves when the population of agencies reporting in the prior period is larger. Because the rates of submission of monthly ridership data among NTD reporters are lower than normal, estimates are weaker than normal. Please consult the Read Me tab for other important notes to data users.

Keywords: unlinked passenger trips, upt, vehicle revenue miles, vrm, vehicle revenue hours, vrh, vehicles operated in maximum service, voms, peak vehicles, monthly statistics, ridership

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