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Joint Procurement Clearinghouse

To establish a mechanism to allow grantees to work together to purchase rolling stock, FTA has created an online tool for joint procurement. The Joint Procurement Clearinghouse, developed with input from the transit industry, is available to transit agency procurement staff through FTA’s Transit Award Management System (TrAMS).

Transit procurement staff from throughout the country can use the site to post information about potential opportunities for joint procurement of rolling stock, including buses, railcars and ferries. The tool is likely to be particularly useful to small transit providers looking to pool purchases and create economies of scale.

The Clearinghouse includes fields for procurement officers to list information such as bus size, engine type, and other features. The tool includes filters and search fields to help users find specific joint procurements. To help grantees navigate the tool, FTA developed a user manual and how-to videos.

Establishing the Clearinghouse was required by Section 3019(b)(4) of the FAST Act.

Updated: Friday, September 8, 2017
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