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36. If we place an order prior to the award announcement and we are selected to receive funding, would we be eligible for reimbursement?

Pre-award authority starts on the day the projects are announced on FTA’s website. Projects will not be eligible for reimbursement for expenses incurred prior to the date of announcement.

34. When demonstrating the state of need for replacement buses, is it best to attach documentation or verbalize the status in the narrative?

The narrative should provide a complete explanation of the need for replacement buses, including any relevant supporting information. Attachments, such as a fleet inventory, vehicle status report, or other documentation, may be used to support the statements in the narrative response.

33. Since states can submit a consolidated proposal of behalf of both urbanized and rural areas, does the state have to submit separate consolidated proposals or can there be one single proposal including both urbanized and rural area projects?

The state should submit separate proposals on behalf of its small urbanized and rural areas. Each proposal should have its own SF-424 and supplemental form.

32. Should an applicant submit their application to the State in addition to the FTA? Will the States review the applications after they are submitted to the FTA?

If an applicant is a direct recipient of FTA funds, then the application should be submitted to the FTA directly. States do not review the applications once they are submitted to FTA. If selected, the project will need to be added to the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program in cooperation with the MPO and/or state DOT.

28. I am a designated recipient and will be applying for multiple urban agencies. Should I use multiple SF 424s or just one SF 424 with multiple supplemental forms?

States and other applicants should consider submitting a single supplemental form that includes multiple activities to be evaluated as a consolidated proposal. If a State or other applicant chooses to submit separate proposals, each proposal must be submitted using a separate SF-424 and supplemental form.


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