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Are there any limitations to the amount of supporting documentation attached to the application?

Although there isn’t a page limit for supporting documentation, applicants should only include information that specifically supports the statements made in the narrative.  Applicants may include just the pertinent excerpts from a larger document.  For example, an applicant may attach a document that includes only the cover page and the pages referenced in the narrative. File sizes cannot be larger than 3 MB.

If our bus service does not charge residents, provides a free service and does not generate revenue, is the project still eligible?

Yes.  “Revenue service” means carrying passengers.  Fare-free transit is included in revenue service.  However, the service must be public transportation and open to all.

Are zero emission buses subject to the spare ratio policy?

Yes.  The spare ratio policy applies to all buses in an agency’s fleet.  However, FTA will permit agencies to include vehicles that have met their minimum useful life in their contingency fleet if the agency is introducing zero-emission vehicles into its fleet.  Contingency fleet vehicles are not included in the calculation of spare ratio.

We are planning to lease batteries from the manufacturer and will use 100% local funds for the lease payments. Would the lease payments qualify as local match?

Yes.  Since the battery lease would be part of the total project cost, any local funds used for the lease payments would be eligible as local match.


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