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Can you provide some examples of project costs that would be allowed and those that would not be allowed?

Not Allowed

Speakers in a transit station, intended to amplify announcements and/or provide background sound (e.g. white noise, music)

Commissioning an original musical composition to be played through speakers in the facility
Arranging and installing colorful or decorative tiles that are available commercially

The incremental cost of hiring an artist to develop the design or arrange the tiles in such a way as to serve a primarily aesthetic purpose

Visually appealing signage directing passengers within or around the facility

Murals, paintings, or other visual installations that are primarily intended to provide visual appeal

Functionally operable gates or fences designed using materials, images, or techniques inspired by local industries

A stone or steel sculpture within a waiting area drawing visitor’s attention to the history of local industry.  If placed on a rail platform or other surface requiring additional support, the cost to reinforce the platform or other surface under the sculpture would not be eligible.

When part of an eligible transit project that includes renovation of an historic transportation facility, restoration of murals, paintings, tiles, or other aesthetic features.


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