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Region IV Emergency Relief

Emergency Response Reporting- What is most important before and immediately after the disaster?

  • Status of transit agency (add an estimate restoration of service)
  • Evacuation support (# of passengers/buses/trips)
  • Agency preparations prior to the incident
  • Fatalities and serious injuries, property damage, and/or personnel impacts
  • Resource needs
  • Emergency declarations
  • Any additional information needed for situational awareness

Emergency Response Steps

  • After the disaster:Perform damage assessments
  • Develop and keep documentation damages and expenses
  • Be prepared to provide estimated costs to FTA

Emergency Relief Program Eligible Expenses

  • Capital projects to protect, repair, reconstruct, or replace equipment and facilities of a public transportation system that is in danger of suffering serious damage or has suffered serious damage as a result of an emergency.
  • Operating costs of public transportation equipment and facilities in an area directly affected by an emergency.

Emergency Response Contact Information

Recipient Emergency Contact information is extremely important to include cell phone number’s for GM/CEO's. Cell phone numbers are ONLY used for emergency situations. Please provide this information along with AAA sheets each FY and keep Region IV updated on contact information changes.


DOT and FEMA signed an MOA that outlines the roles of both agencies in providing Federal assistance to repair and restore public transportation systems in those areas that the President has declared a major emergency or disaster. Under this MOA, FEMA maintains its primary Federal responsibility for emergency preparedness, response, and recovery in major emergencies and disasters. However, in the event Congress appropriates funds for FTA’s ER Program, FTA has the primary responsibility for reimbursing emergency response and recovery costs after an emergency or disaster that affects public transit and for helping to mitigate the impacts of future disasters.

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Updated: Thursday, November 21, 2019
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