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FY2018 Apportionments and Changes to Award Management Requirements

Date: 7/20/2018
Number: 2018-07 

FTA recently published a series of significant documents for administering the funds received from the Federal transit program.

  • On July 16, several page changes were made to FTA Circular 5010.1E, Award Management Requirements. The changes were made to provide better understanding and clarity regarding:
    • FTA concurrence on the acquisitions and disposition limit for appraisals of real property
    • FTA concurrence before filing condemnation
    • Federal financial reporting
    • Changes to the Capital Leases section
  • To reduce the burden on FTA recipients, FTA has increased the threshold to $1 million for which appraisals and review appraisals for acquisition, disposition or property condemnations must be submitted to FTA for review (see Chapter IV, Subparagraph 2, "Real Property" and its subparts). Prior to the page changes, this threshold was set at $500,000. Note that in-kind contributions and land exchanges of any value must still be submitted to FTA for review and concurrence. Further, all appraisals must remain compliant with the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970, as amended (Uniform Act or URA), 42 U.S.C. 4601 et seq., 49 CFR part 24, and criteria for appraisals at 49 CFR 24.103.
    • The changes to federal financial reporting in Chapter III, Subparagraph 3, REPORTING REQUIREMENTS, c. “Federal Financial Report (FFR)” better relay cash and accrual accounting report requirements and align language with the instructions included in Appendix B.
    • The changes to Capital Leases in Chapter IV, Subparagraph 3, EQUIPMENT and SUPPLIES (including ROLLING STOCK), l(1)(b)(3) “Capital Leases” has been revised to state “the lease contains an option to purchase the leased property at a bargain price.” This change was made to provide clarification and ease of understanding for the grantee.

Region 3 encourages review of all these important documents. In particular, closely review the two safety rules about your responsibilities implementing the requirements established in these regulations.

Please do not hesitate to contact your Region 3 program manager if there's any additional questions about the page changes to FTA Circular 5010.1E.

Updated: Friday, February 28, 2020
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