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FY 2018 Certifications and Assurances

Date: 2/26/2018
Number: 2018-02

FTA’s FY 2018 Certifications and Assurances (C&As) are now available to PIN in TrAMS. Each applicant must submit applicable FY 2018 C&As before FTA may award federal assistance to support that applicant’s request. Users with the Official, Attorney, and Submitter roles will receive system-generated emails regarding the C&As. Please be advised the C&A module in TrAMS has changed and requires the Official to PIN first, followed by the Attorney.

You can find additional information and recorded training videos on how to complete the FY 18 C&As on FTA's TrAMS webpage.

Important to Note if You Are an Official Signing on Behalf of An Attorney

  • FTA encourages independent certification by the Official and Attorney. 
  • However, FTA allows for the Attorney or Official to complete the electronic certification process on “Behalf of Both.”
  • Both User Roles are required in TrAMS (proper paperwork must be filed before these roles may be assigned).
  • A hard or paper copy of the C&As with both the Official and Attorney’s signatures, with the same category selections, must be uploaded to TrAMS within the C&A Module at the same time the Official PINs the C&A.

Please feel free to distribute this information throughout your organization as appropriate. If you have any questions, please contact your FTA Region 3 Community Planner or Transportation Program Specialist

Updated: Friday, February 28, 2020
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