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Transit Asset Management

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    NTD Fact Sheets

    FTA has created a series of fact sheets summarizing data that transit agencies reported to the NTD in 2018.
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    2020 TAM Roundtable

    The 2020 Roundtable will take place July 11-14, 2020 in Boston. Photo: Bi-State Development
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    Agencies Adopting TAM

    Watch our brief video to see how and why transit providers use asset management
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Managing Transit Assets

Public transportation provides millions of Americans with daily access to jobs, schools, health care and other essential services. U.S. DOT has found that an estimated 40 percent of buses and 23 percent of rail transit assets are in marginal or poor condition, with a backlog of $98 billion in deferred maintenance and replacement.

U.S. DOT publishes Conditions and Performance Reports on the status of the nation's highways, bridges, and transit.

  • See the 23rd edition of U.S. DOT Conditions & Performance Report
  • See all editions of the U.S. DOT Conditions & Performance Report

The TAM webpage is designed to support successful agency implementation of Transit Asset Management. This website contains background information, requirements and deadlines, technical assistance, and examples of best practices. It also includes materials such as official FTA guidance, resources from webinars and roundtables, and external stakeholder information to assist agencies in asset inventory creation, resource management, and target setting. A list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is also provided to address remaining questions not addressed by available webpage resources.

Featured Resources

Type Title and Description
TAMPLATE – February 2020
This technical assistance tool is designed to assist Tier I and Tier II transit providers and Group TAM Plan Sponsors in developing their TAM Plans.
TAM Plan Template for Small Providers, V2.2 – February 2020
This template accompanies the March 2016 Asset Management Guide for Small Providers, and serves as a guide that small providers may use to model their TAM plans.
Asset Management Guide Supplement: Asset Category Overviews & Lifecycle Management - Update (FTA 0138) - September 2019
This report update provides detailed information about asset category organization and current lifecycle management practices.
TAM Executive Training Template for Agency Use – September 2018
This customizable presentation supports transit professionals in communicating the value of TAM to executives.
Tribal Reporting Tool [BETA] – September 2018
This Excel tool provides tribes with a template for reporting agency information and completing the required asset inventory, condition assessment, and agency targets.
TAM Facility Performance Measure Reporting Guidebook, v 1.2 – March 2018
This guidebook details the methods for transit agencies to measure and report facility condition assessments to the National Transit Database (NTD).
Group Plan Sponsor Workbook – January 2018
This workbook offers a list of suggestions and best practices to assist group plan sponsors develop their group plans.
NTD Narrative Report Examples – May 2017
These documents provide a sample format and sample report from a fictional agency, to illustrate the possible format and content for NTD Narrative Reports.
TAM Infrastructure Performance Measure Reporting Guidebook – April 2017
This guidebook details the methods for transit agencies to measure and report infrastructure assets under performance restrictions to the National Transit Database (NTD).
TAM Maturity Agency Self-Assessment Tool – January 2017
This Excel tool accompanies the November 2016 Transit Asset Management Guide, and can be used to develop a maturity score from user inputs to help a transit agency determine the baseline of its asset management maturity.
2015 Conditions and Performance Report – December 2016
This joint FTA/FHWA Report to Congress provides information on the condition of the nation’s highways, bridges, and transit systems along with illustrating areas to improve overall performance.
Transit Asset Management Guide (FTA 0098) – November 2016
This guide outlines the major elements in a transit asset management plan and guides agencies through the process of filling out their TAM plan.

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Last updated February 26, 2020

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